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3 Great Picks For Dining Out In Durham NC

If you are ready to discover three more wonderful places to eat in Bull City, I’m ready to show them to you. We are going to look at three very interesting establishments that will be hard to pass up when it comes to where you plan to eat in Durham. Be prepared because as you read about these 3 top dining establishments, you are going to want to click your heels together and find yourself sitting at the dinner table.

That’s good though because with the street address, you can make your way to one of these establishments right away. Page Road Grill is located at 5416 Page Road, and you are going to find that it is a great place to grab a burger and fries and much more. Have you ever had a shrimp burger? This lunch place serves up shrimp burgers, crab cakes, grain salads, trout, roasted cauliflower and all kinds of goodies. If that has you wanting to click your heels already, well input the address and you can be on your way.

If you want to stick around for more recommendations, Harvest 18 is a good one. Harvest 18 is located at 8128 Renaissance Parkway, and there are two primary things to note about this place. First, they have a delicious brunch menu, which means you can order up a great breakfast there. Second, the menu appears to be centered around home style cooking, which is a definite plus. Menu highlights include meatloaf, bread pudding, mashed potatoes, cheesecake and more. A meal at Harvest 18 is going to do you right. Mahi Mahi is another one of the favorites ordered up at this establishment.

Taberna Tapas is the last recommendation, and it is located at 325 West Main Street. Taberna Tapas is a tapas restaurant, hence the name, so you get to try out all kinds of great food along with your dinner party. Roasted brussels sprouts, serrano ham and flat bread are part of what’s available at Taberna Tapas. You will discover a very tasty menu at this place.

How about those recommendations? They are 3 top places for enjoying a meal in Durham, and it sounds like you are up for the most delicious food that the city has to offer. By the way, crispy pork is one more thing served up at Taberna Tapas, and the pictures make it look incredibly tasty.

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